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Ogun community petitions Abiodun over alleged take-over of ancestral land by land grabbers, Chinese



The Ajegunle Araromi community of Makun Sagamu in Ogun State has petitioned the state governor, Dapo Abiodun, over allegation of invasion and take-over of their ancestral land by Chinese citizens, aided by land grabbers and soldiers.

In the petition, signed by concerned citizens of Ajegunle Araromi, the people reminded the governor of theit earlier letter, and called on him to use his good offices to save them from the threat of extiction if their land is taken over by the Chinese.

Read the petition below:


His Excellency
Gov Dapo Abiodun MFR
Executive Governor of Ogun State

Dear Sir


The above refer;

With reference to our protest letter dated 20th February, 2022 in respect of the above subject in which we wrote to inform your excellency about the ugly development and fraudulent act perpetrated by some land grabber cartel ‘Civil Servants’ working under the umbrella of directorate of Land bureau in Abeokuta in pretence of allocations of lands to the foreigners in the state and encroaching to our family lands.

In the course of our previous protest, We are reliably informed that actions were taking by your excellency through the appropriate authority to sanctions and unrivaled the perpetrators and those of their collaborators in the civil service of Ogun State.

But to our disappointment and dismay, it looks like a mystery to us on the 8th of September,2022, when a combined team from the Bureau of Lands and survey under your office stormed the ancient town with a letter dated same day title ‘Illegal Occupation of Government Lands” with reference number LM/OW/VOL.1/5 placed on various buildings marked for demolition in the community.

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Sadly, we watched with disbelief when a Chinese man offered protection by fully-armed soldiers could boldly say repeatedly that he has paid for our land and that we should go and meet our government for settlement and compensation and using bulldozer to clear everywhere scaring peace loving people away on the instructions of the government.

It is traumatic and insulting to note that the government in her abnormal manner thrown decency into the dustbin and sold the land community reserved for the town hall and palace to the Chinese businessman in exchange for wealth and revenues which has automatically eradicated our community from the map of Ogun State. This is sad and ridiculous.

It’s so unfortunate and sad that despite our peaceful conduct over the matter, we are surprised that the government we enthroned with our votes can be so deceptive and callous to be the masquerade behind our ordeals in collaboration with her officials who are allegedly involved in the bribery saga with their sole intention to negatively blackmailing the government of your excellency, hence, after our previous meeting with the government officials on the site and Abeokuta office where a stay of further aggression was reached and land boarder lines deliberated on site the Chinese just waited for a while and resumed working one Sundays to clear land mass beyond the established boundaries yet the government kept deceiving us with a claimed of ignorance of the daylight robbery by her agents at the lands bureau office.

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At this  junction, it is pertinent to restate our total commitment and readiness to protect our family inheritance with our last drop of blood if the government fail to address this injustice and stay action.

Your excellency Sir, we all know you to be a man of justice and equity, we strongly believe that you will never allow those few greed element in the lands bureau and surveyor general office to tarnish the image of your hard earned reputation in the public sector to hide under your gentility to committed a criminal act against the peace loving citizens by sold our ancestral home/ town to foreigner,  Chinese nationals in a fraudulent manner that will set the people’s against the government leading to ignite violence in the ancient town. It very disheartened and saddened when the Chinese businessman who comes with arrogance telling the community that he had no business with the us but rather we should channel our complaint and grievance to Ogun State Government and boastfully telling the peaceful community members that he had paid so much that can settle all the inhabitants to the Government in Abeokuta time without numbers to justify his actions. We have no doubt that the government is playing a smart game with our collective intelligence and peaceful conduct to fraudulently robbed us of our inheritance through the illegal backdated documents to prove that the said lands is fell under government encumbrance and acquisitions.


Sir, Government exist because of the governed and it was on this ground We once again cry/plead with you to swiftly intervene in the matter to avoid any breaking law and order.

We also invite all the Political Leaders, State House of Assembly, National Assembly members, Traditional Rulers to wade into this matter

Lastly, as the custodian of authority and a listening Governor, we passionately call to appeal for your indulgent and a round table meeting with parties before the matter is escalated beyond control while all parties involved respect the substantive court order for peaceful resolution by all parties to amicably resolve this rape on our inheritance.

Interestingly, the established roads of ages that leads to other communities were allegedly sold out as well by these cabals in the lands directorate office.

Above attached is the copy of the recent abetment notice served and pasted on the buildings within the community for your perusal.

Please save Ajegunle Araromi from extinction.

Thank you Sir


16th September,2022.




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I felicitate with distinguished brother and one of the revered leaders in the entire greater Kosofe federal constituency, Hon. Gbemisola Ketiku on the auspicious occasion marking another birthday on the surface of earth.

I congratulate the celebrant for making it to this far and appreciate God on his behalf for the gift of peaceful life, provisions and protection over him and his households; regardless of what has happened in the past and presently, God has remained faithful.

Without mincing words, Mr Gbemisola Ketiku, fondly called KTK in the political circle, is a consummate politician and grassroot mobilizer whose contributions and commitments to every activity of our great party, APC not only in his Ifako Gbagada ward B but, Kosofe federal constituency as a whole is unequalled.

Furthermore, this piece becomes imperative in order to encourage individual who have made significant contributions and selfless efforts towards the progress building of our party not only in their various Wards but across board. Mr Gbemisola Ketiku has distinguished himself in this regard as a worthy, reliable and loyal party man.


It’s no gainsaying that the celebrant is unequivocally one of the few in our political space whose pedigree is without question and loyalty is never in doubt. A very thorough, principled, hardworking and enthusiastic personality who has continued to exhibit an exceptional interest in the progress of our great party, APC at every level.

A politician of note, a successful business and a responsible family man who has continued to show uncommon passion for his community’s development and progress. He came to prominence politically as a Chairman, Ifako Youth Association and Ward Chairman in ward B whose is footprints remains unblemished

Our party and the entire progressives folds are proud of your humble personality; a seasoned administrator whose records in political space as well as the former executive secretary of Kosofe local government remains unparalleled. Mr Gbemisola Ketiku is humane, simple, generous, unassuming and courageous leader who says things as they are.

On this auspicious occasion of your Birthday, myself owes you a duty to sincerely join other countless numbers of your well wishers to wish you a very Happy Birthday filled with lots of joy and happiness; as the Lord tarries, you shall celebrate more fruitful and glorious years in complete health and abundant blessings.

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Oloye Salami Oluwaseun
Social Commentator and community development advocate.
19th August,2022.

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Prince Ifalade Ajasa Oyekan: Hitting  the right safety button with LNSA






Since the inception of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s Administration in 2019, there is one thing he reiterated in his manifesto and has sworn to uphold under his THEMES agenda where he highlighted Security as one of the pillars of his administration.

In a bid to ensure all Lagosians can go about their lawful activities without fear of the unknown, he saddled himself with the responsibility as the Chief Security Officer of the state to ensure he puts the necessary security apparatus in place to ensure the safety of lives and properties.

Without a doubt, Governor Sanwo-Olu delivered in every aspect as no stone was left unrolled. Taking the Security of lives and properties serious, he invested a heavy financial war chest in the acquisition of security gadgets for the Police, the Response Rapid Squad RRS and the Lagos State Neighborhood Agency LNSA headed by the indefatigable Prince Ifalade Ajasa Oyekan.


Since the Administrative commencement of the Agency in 2017 during the Past government till this moment, Mr. Governor has ensured proper funding for the safety outfit investing Billions of Naira to equip it so it can give the necessary security support in the aspect of surveillance to the necessary agency for a swift collaboration and a positive synergy for a better Lagos.

When Ifalade took over in 2021, He was like a fresh Gust of Summer wind who had a loft idea owning to his background as a seasoned technocrat having worked at the Law Enforcement Training Institute LETI and his experience working with a dredging company and also as a season legal luminary.

On assumption of office, one thing he ensured was to bring a different feel to consolidate the effort of Governor Sanwo-Olu in ensuring the agency functions optimally to ensure it lives up to its expected expectation. He used his good relationship to ensure Mr. Governor increases his stake in the affairs of the agency.



The transformation agenda started by re-orientating his officers on proper conduct, proper dress code and proper ethics among the citizenry. He introduced the use of Body cameras for his officers. He also ensured they often attend LETI for proper updating of knowledge in discharging their duties. In addition to that, he also ensured proper welfare packages for his staff by raising a motion for life insurance for officers who are injured in the cause of discharging their duties or eventually loss of life.

This was infused as many commended his effort that to protect lives and properties, one must be fully motivated to give his all. Falade did not only stop at that with the help of Mr. Governor, He also ensured several visiting routines were taken to ensure the functionality of each Local government and a general meeting with the head of commands where they relay their concerns on pressing issues and the challenges. This gives room for positive and negative feedback which the agency acts upon to be above board at all times.


In his process of rebranding, he also requests the permission of Mr Governor to further recruit more hands to enable adequate manpower for the agency to function well. Currently, the Agency is recruiting over one thousand officers who will be commissioned into the agency before the end of the year.

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In a bid to also spread its tentacles through a public and private partnership with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons NAPTIP, the agency launched an anti-trafficking unit last year August in collaboration with NAPTIP on child and human trafficking among other vices.

In a bid to rebrand, he has gotten the approval of Mr Governor to create several units in the agency that will also be supportive of intelligence gathering. The agency will create a research and documentation unit, Forensic unit, Situation Room, Water Ways surveillance, Drone deployment, Forest Monitor team and a host of others.


Over the week, at the Agency’s head office in Bolade, Oshodi, Falade and ensured the distribution of tactical materials like; caution tapes, Ropes, Scanners, Tasers, Shin and elbow guide, Generators, Riot Shield, LNSA Photo book and a host of items for administrative purposes and enforcement.


In his quest to show effectiveness in duty through proper monitoring, the agency under Falade’s watch also commissioned 16 zonal heads. The Zonal heads will monitor zonal local Government unit. He also handed out brand new patrol cars to the officers who emerged having gone through proper scrutiny, training and exams. The Zonal head will ensure the smooth running of their domain and ensure all unit functions optimally and report to the Agency’s head office. As part of the rebranding process, The Agency next month will commence the rebranding of all its offices across Lagos with full painting with the agency’s Blue and Yellow colour with visible signage to ensure uniformity. The agency will also commence building and furnishing of new offices for some units that run under a temporary office.

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A close source disclosed that; all these giant strides and impeccable records would not have been possible if not for the full support and the quest for the protection of lives and property of the State Government under Governor Sanwo-Olu. In a quick conversation; Prince Ifalade averred that; “Mr Governor has been supportive in all ways.

Our mode of operation now is different from what it used to be. Anytime we give Mr Governor a proposal on anything regarding security, he does not joke with it. In fact, he signed it with immediate alacrity. He has also told us to ensure that each time we have any request we should not hesitate to call his attention that he is ready to support us to the fullest so we can keep functioning at a higher capacity.”


“The Agency is not relenting despite some challenges we face. We will continue to intensify our effort to make Lagos a safe haven for all. We are also open to public and private partnerships. Every top individual and private firm in Lagos who wants to reach out through their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR, will also ease the burden on Government. Security is the responsibility of all sundry and should not be left to some selected people only. If all hands are on deck, Lagos will be a safer place”. He further concluded.

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Zamfara 2023: Dauda Lawal Dare,  the man of the people





  • A worthy candidate for government house than Matawalle


The road leading to the Gusau Government House in 2023 should be a cause for great concern, not just for the average man and woman in Zamfara State, but invariably all Nigerians from all works of life, living in the state or any part of the country. Moreso, for all citizens of Zamfara State.

The reason for this is is not hidden, because among other things, Zamfara State is a God blessed state with many resources waiting to be harnessed.

And one must thank His Excellency, Governor Bello Matawalle, for making us all to realise the potentials of the state, especially with its official declaration of the capacity to mine our own gold as well as other natural resources.

But should Matawalle continue in office beyond his first term? I will say a strong no!

Matawalle is not a grassroots politicIan!  We all know that Matawalle is city governor. He is an Abuja based Zamfara State Governor who caters more for the elites!

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Zamfara State, in my opinion needs a strong grassroots and visionary politician who identifies with the people and understands the various needs of the people of the state.

Luckily for us in Zamfara State, we are already blessed with people who can easily take over from Bello Matawalle in the government house come 2023.

And that person is simply the young dynamic philanthropist who simply goes by the name Dauda Lawal Dare.

This is a young man whose pedigree speaks volumes of humility, compartment and readiness for government house come 2023.

Dare has all along been working for this day! Unlike Matawalle who is hardly in town, Dare is now every youth’s favourite in Zamfara State. He has won the hearts of the people with abundance of scholarships that he doles out regular every year.

This man is now set to show that Matawalle’s 3 year in office, has been a sham and a matter of misplaced priorities in many projects that do not benefit the good people Zamfara State.

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Dare will certainly be a breath of fresh air. Matawalle has wasted government funds on white elephant projects and wastes of government resources, which ultimately have led other areas of governance to suffer, especially  the education of the less privileged.

Healthcare system in Zamfara is terrible and has suffered because the state government has failed to service the only existing generator at the Yariman Bakura Specialist Hospital. Coming back from educational system in the state, let’s look at the example of Zamfara students in Sudan presently on scholarship, some of them could not write their last semester examination because under the leadership of Matawalle, the State government refused to pay their school fees. In fact, one of the returnee students confessed that some of the  female students have resorted to prostitution to survive.

At the moment, Zamfara citizens are in search for the most popular and Business oriented person, the man who will serve them, not a dictator, the man who sponsored about 200 Students of the masses with full package scharship to study abroad, the man who is a cheerful giver, the man who can initiate jobs for the youths.

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That person is no other but DAUDA LAWAL DARE PDP Gubernatorial candidate.

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