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American pastor labels Beyonce a ‘witch’




An American self-proclaimed ‘prophetess’ Tiphani Montgomery has sparked outrage after labelling record-breaking Grammy award winner Beyonce a witch and taking aim at her fans, shaming any of them who plans to attend her concert.

According to the Daily Mail, the American pastor and founder of The Covered By God ministry, attacked Beyonce in a video she shared on TikTok and YouTube on 12 February.

“Any of you who are going to Beyoncé’s concert I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, how dare you call yourself a Christian.

I don’t care what pastor you got who’s OK with it, I don’t care what pastor you got that think it’s cool, I don’t care what pastor you got that sing along to the songs because they want some clout,” she said.

Montgomery, an itinerant preacher who hails from North Carolina, then goes on to suggest that Beyoncé is ‘a witch’ and fans of the singer are part of a ‘coven.’

“When a witch has a coven it’s normally a small thing. Witch’s covens are normally three to seven people,’ the pastor added.

“When it becomes thousands it’s called a hive. Y’all a part of that lady Beyhive? And you call yourself a Christian? May the dealings of the Lord come upon you,” Montgomery maintained.

The video, which has had 50,000 views on both platforms combined, has sparked mixed reactions.

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“I love the Lord with ALL my soul and I will bless His name at all times but this is a form of manipulation in the same way that she’s suggesting that Beyoncé is using her platform,” one Instagram user said.

Another person added: “As a Christian I’m not sure why judging others is such a thing smh (not everyone does it but….) We can guide others without being judgmental and commanding towards controlling people.

“Last time I check only God can judge. I wish we would simply guide and remind people of the love of God rather than bringing others down and speaking negative on people to remind them of God.”

Former Destiny’s Child member and Beyoncé’s friend Michelle Williams also made an Instagram reel addressing the video, saying: “It also looks like I am entering the chat.

“I am just watching a lot going on, things that are being said, specifically about entertainers, specifically about entertainers that I even have relationships with, entertainers that I know off the stage.

“I just wish we would pray as publicly for entertainers as we rebuke them and damn their soul to hell.

“I know it ain’t my calling mission to damn entertainers to hell and to say that they would drop dead. The devil is a lie,” Michelle said.

Michelle, who has often spoken out about her Christian faith, released a number of Gospel albums after leaving the R&B-pop group.

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However, one supporter, Raven Hartwell, said she agreed with “everything [Montgomery] was saying, absolutely.”

She added there were ‘so many people mad right now, upset, and sticking up for Beyoncé and completely missing the message.’

Montgomery’s critics have also labeled her a ‘hypocrite’ after unearthing old tweets where she declared herself a fan of Beyoncé, and even said she attended the singer’s shows.

“Am I the only one addicted to Beyonce’s song: Why don’t u love me??? #nowplaying it again smh,’ she tweeted in 2010.

“Got a chance to catch the Jay Z and Beyonce concert and it was AMAZING!!!’ Montgomery added in another tweet from 2014.

The pastor, however, has come out to defend herself, addressing the resurfaced tweets on 13 February:

“I publicly came against and denounced their god baalyonce (sic) so they found these tweets from 2010, 2011, 2014.

“But I had just did a YouTube the night before saying I was the BIGGEST jay z and baalyonce (sic) fan… until I got saved in my shower in August 2015.”

She added in another tweet: “What’s my point? My point is anytime you’re a mouth piece for God they will try to discredit you. But I’m more afraid of The Living God than I am dead skeletons!”

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Critics also took aim at her previously published adult books, including The Millionaire Mistress series, with Montgomery responding: ‘I stopped writing those six years before I got saved.”

“I will not listen to her sermons. Tiphani Montgomery is fake, living two lives, using the church for attention & money yet writing sleazy sultry sex books for money too. & before you say this is old it’s not, these books are from 2020,’ one person said.

To this point, Tiphani responded: “I stopped writing those books SIX YEARS BEFOREEEEEEE I got saved.

“I also have never received money from those books since 2010 bc I sold the rights to them away. I also can’t get them taken off of Amazon bc I don’t own them. I know bc I’ve been trying for years now.’

Montgomery describes herself as an ‘unlikely entrepreneur’ who was a teen mom and a college dropout

According to her website, she is the CEO of Millions Conference and founded Kingdom Entrepreneur University, ‘a high level online educational platform that has trained 3,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide.’

She started Covered By God, ‘a prophetic and teaching ministry designed to wake up and stir the church with an awakening of the Holy Spirit and build up God’s prophets and prophetic voices to impact the nations.’

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PHOTOS: Royalty meets beauty as Aare Adams ties the knot with delectable Joy






Be a person of the people and only the best things in life will come your way. That was the beautiful experience of the Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams, on Saturday, December 9, 2023, when the Yoruba generalisimo tied the knot with his delectable wife, Joy.


The private ceremony at the bride’s home in Lagos was a beauty to behold as culture, royalty and tradition mixed in honor of a gentle warrior.


His Royal Majesty Oba Babatunde A. Nasiru Lawal Ogunronbi, the Ariwajoye/Akinlowo 1, Oba of Shasha kingdom, Lagos State, led the groom’s party.



Beauty, brilliance and calmness. These are few of the great qualities that truly capture the essence of Ayinba Joy Adams.


Ayinba Joy is the beautiful daughter of a revered Lagos-based architect, Chief Lucky Onojaife, who has been a great inspiration to the entire family.


A brief look at her face reveals great qualities that you can hardly ignore. And you begin to wonder how she was able to combine her beautiful, glowing skin, brilliance and calmness with her gentle mien and composure.

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Whenever she is in a public place, she carries a mien and composure of a true queen.


Whether in or out of the public glare the young gem’s only signature is her beautiful, smiley face and calm nature.


That is why she easily attracts people’s favour and attention as she navigates her environment.


To her parents and to those that have had encounter with her, Ayinba Joy is a product of God’s grace and it is no doubt that the former Miss Delta had also been blessed by fate.


Her journey in life wasn’t accidental. It was a fulfillment of destiny that is measured with time.


Today, Ayinba Joy’s lofty dreams are gradually coming to reality and God had sealed the fate of this beautiful, young damsel in the most amazing manner.


SheI had both elementary and secondary school education in Lagos, at Queen Maris College.


She is a graduate of Physiology from Delta State University and she is presently studying for a Masters Degree.

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Ayinba Joy Adams was a former Queen of Delta State. She also once held the prestigious Miss Delta and the most beautiful girl in Urhobo land in 2012.


That singular laurel had opened a window of opportunities for the young damsel, whose vision is to rule her world and make remarkable impact in the world.


Apart from her quality educational career, the beauty queen is always passionate about her career.


Ayinba Joy Adams is a lover of music. She loves music with passion, believing that music is the food of the soul.


She is a woman of great colour and her favourite colour is white and Brown.


The Delta-state born jewel is a strong-minded person-very bold and courageous and she is very focused on achieving whatever she sets her eyes on.


Her interest in entrepreneurship and business knows no bounds and she is always ready to impact lives with all the gifts that it has pleased God to bless her with.

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Her major hobby is reading and watching movies.


Ayinba Joy is an indoor person and she takes pride in pursuing her dreams with passion.


See photos from the wedding

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‘I’M SORRY’: Oladips apologizes to Nigerians over fake death report





Nigerian rapper, Oladipupo Oladimeji, better known as Oladips, has apologized to Nigerians for the false death news pulled by his management.


Oladips expressed “the confusion” and stressed that it was “not a prank,” noting that he was “very sick.”


In an interview with Naija FM in Lagos, Oladips said, “To Nigerians and my core followers, I will never play with people’s feelings like that. It was never a prank, I was sick sick, and I am sorry for the confusion, the false alarm, and everything. I take full responsibility.


“I’ll make sure I’m surrounded by professionals moving forward cause I believe that’s where the issue arose. I’ve gone through a lot, like having my manager steal from me and wish me dead. I eventually reached the point where my manager was no longer with me. It was just me and my boys.


“All I’m aiming to do at the moment is make sure the individuals I choose are professionals who understand what’s appropriate to do. No be person wey because he no hear from my mum, he feels like, ‘Ah! This guy done die.”

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He claimed that his manager would not have put out such news if he was truly a qualified professional.


“That is why I said I take full responsibility. So, I’m sorry. Make una forgive me I beg,” he apologized.


On November 15, Oladips’ management announced that the artiste had passed away after battling personal struggles for over two years.


Shortly after, the management released the rapper’s 17-track album titled ‘Superhero Adugbo’.


Suspicions arose recently when Wavy, a longtime friend of Oladips, posted a video claiming “he is alive” with the rapper.


He further alleged that the rapper had faked his death and would return online if his album reached the top of the music charts.


On Thursday, a video of Oladips vibing to a song from his new album with his mother dancing in the background went viral.

The caption read, “orisa bi iya osi, proof of life”.


Oladips also addressed the videos and claims surrounding his alleged death stunt.

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He called out another musician Qdot, and accused him of “misleading everyone” about his health struggle during the death controversy.


He also reprimanded other individuals purported to have spread claims that he has been healthy all the while.


Shortly after the statement, the rapper was thrust onto the receiving end of a heated social media backlash.


Many users on X questioned the rapper for calling out some people while leaving out others.


They quizzed Oladips for not blaming his managers who wrongly announced his death on Instagram.

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Actress Bisola Badmus recounts battle with brain disease, says ‘It was tough’





Popular Yoruba actress, Bisola Badmus, has recounted her battle with with a brain disease called, Encephalopathy,


Encephalopathy refers to any disturbance of the brain’s functioning that leads to problems like confusion and memory loss, according to HealthDirect.


The actress described it as a ‘tough one’ that made her ‘stay away from social media’


Taking to her Instagram account on the occasion of her birthday, the thespian offered appreciation to God for seeing her through the illness.


“Over a year now I have been battling with health issues (Encephalopathy). I cannot even wish my enemy such illness. It was a tough one indeed that made me stay away from social media,” Bisola Badmus wrote.


” In between, I lost my precious mother. Unquestionable God, I thank you for everything particularly for me to witness yet another birthday.


“I will be an ungrateful soul if I fail to appreciate my family and friends, colleagues in the industry, business associates and the brands I represent for standing by me during the challenging period. Thank you all.”

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