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International Women’s Day: Nigerian women are ‘the full package’, says Akpabio




Senate President Godswill Akpabio says Nigerian women are “a full package” and “special breed”.

Eseme Eyiboh, his spokesperson, quoted him as saying this in a statement on Friday to commemorate the 2024 International Women’s Day (IWD).


Akpabio said Nigerian women deserve all the respect, adding that he would continue to advocate for their improved welfare.


“We are very conscious that failure to invest in women is akin to killing development and destroying a nation,” he said.

The senate president said this year’s IWD theme — “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress” — is in tandem with the position of the senate he leads.

“I wish to use the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day to proudly celebrate our women — mothers and sisters,” he said.

“On behalf of my family, constituents, the senate, and the national assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I sincerely wish our women a peaceful and fruitful celebration.

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“I must say you are the best and I sincerely appreciate you.”


Akinterinwa condemns “amateurish” attempt to blackmail team





The Wale Akinterinwa Campaign Organisation (WACO) has condemned a premeditated plot to blackmail the frontline aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming governorship election in Ondo state, Wale Akinterinwa and members of his campaign team.

WACO made this known on Thursday in a statement by Segun Ajiboye, spokesperson for the campaign organisation.


The blackmailers, in a viral video currently in circulation, claimed that a CCTV camera captured a vehicle belonging to the Wale Akinterinwa campaign organisation stealing fuel at a filling station in Ondo. town.

But Ajiboye, in the statement, said the campaign organisation “strongly condemns” the claim, which he described as a “lie from the pit of hell and an amateurish attempt by some desperate politicians to blackmail our team.”

Speaking further, he said, “Over the past few weeks, there have been sustained attacks on our members and the destruction of our billboards across the state. The last attack was in Owo, where, after destroying our billboards, they went from house to threaten our members not to venture out to receive our campaign team.

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“But they were obviously shocked by the large turnout of our supporters who dared them to receive us in Owo. It was definitely a glorious outing for us.”

Explaining the story behind the video, the spokesperson said the vehicles in the convoy of the campaign organisation indeed bought fuel at the station, duly paid for the fuel they vehicles received, adding that the vehicle in the video was not part of the convoy and does not belong to any member of the team.

“Let it be noted that our convoy, indeed bought fuel at the Matrix filling station at the Akure garage in Ondo town. All the vehicles in our convoy were served fuel and full payment was duly made. ”

“The latest attempt to blackmail our team has not come to us as a surprise in any way. Having exhausted all their weapons and wicked machinations, the desperate politicians have now resorted to use blackmail as their weapon of attack.

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Meanwhile, determined to get the root of the blackmail effort and to put the records straight, Hon Wale Akinterinwa has directed his lawyers to write the management of the filling station to confirm the authnticity of the video and the identity of the purported member of his convoy who allegedly refused to pay for the fuel he was served.

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Oando boss Wale Tinubu celebrates Dangote @67





‘Celebrate true friends. They are a part of you that always sparkle’ – Amy Leigh Mercree

The English-born actress may have had, Jubril Adewale Tinubu, the boss of Oando Group, in mind when she made this timeless quote.


Truly, the trained lawyer never forgets to celebrate and appreciate his good friends whenever it is necessary. In fact, he is one gentleman who values and understands the definition of true friendship.


This played out on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, when he showered praises on his friend of many years, Africa’s richest man and Chairman of Aliko Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, when he clocked 67.

In celebration of Dangote, the oil and gas top player wrote:

“Happy Birthday to a visionary and accomplished entrepreneur whose impact continues to reverberate across Africa and beyond.

“I hope your day has been filled with joy, laughter, and limitless blessings. May the world continue to recognise and applaud your remarkable achievements.

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As you enter a new year, my prayer is that your commitment to building Africa never waivers, but now and again you stop to appreciate the phenomenal difference you have made to the capacity of indigenous entrepreneurship on the global stage.

Wish you many more years in good health.

Dangote, a name that means so many things to many people. But what no one can deny is the fact that the name is essentially synonymous with success.


Since he made his mark in the nation’s business sector many years ago, he has risen to become a glittering star in the business firmament.

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Ijoko Yanri: Tourism icon, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye reveals tourism product for week 26





‘Ijoko Yanri’ is Tourism Icon, Otunba Olawanle Akinboboye’s tourism product of the week! With this, Otunba Akinboboye has crossed the midpoint for the 52 tourism products he intended to present over the course of 52 weeks.


The tourism icon stated today’s product ‘Ijoko Yanri,’ is in the same category, as the previous four (4) products he had spoken about, which all focuses on providing seating opportunity for tourists in a creative manner that would generate unique tourism experiences.


He then mentioned that today’s product is strictly for use on the beach and the materials used to create it are freely available at little or no cost.


This means that, young people with limited capital could create a tourism product that would generate an income flow for them provided they are prepared to put in some physical effort each day.


Otunba Akinboboye explained that ‘Ijoko Yanri‘ coined from the Yoruba language meaning, ‘sit on / in sand’.

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He then explained that this unusual seating arrangement is created by digging a body size hollow in the sand, in which the tourist could sit. This hollow / seat would include an umbrella / beach parasol that would shade the tourist while he sits inside Ijoko Yanri.


To assist the tourists’ comfort, the hollow is structured in a manner that allowes the tourist to recline comfortably and have his / her back fully supported. Add – ons like cushions could also be made available at an extra cost .


Otunba Akinboboye also mentioned that the offering could include a table crafted of sand and covered with a cloth, which a user of Ijoko Yanri could use to conveniently situate his/ her drinks and food.

Otunba Akinboboye mentioned that anyone with a hoe, shovel or even bare hands can commit to constructing Ijoko Yanri. The only capital expenditure, relates to the purchase of a beach umbrella, which would be inserted in the sand beside Ijoko Yanri. Obviously however, young entrepreneurs are at liberty to construct their own ‘umbrellas’ using wood and ankara.

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Otunba Akinboboye reiterated that, from the tourism entrepreneurs standpoint, the only downside is the fact that the structure has a limited shelf – life, as every evening ‘Ijoko Yanri‘ would be washed away by the sea.


This means that the structure would have to be rebuilt each day. However, considering it’s minimal cost and the product’s ability to generate daily income, young tourism entrepreneurs should be willing to do some physical work each day to earn their daily bread.


Otunba Akinboboye said he believes that, if the product is embraced by young people living near the beach, it will help generate employment and address the hopelessness young people face when they are unable to make the money required to independently live comfortable lives.

Otunba Akinboboye then assured everyone that next week’s product will be completely different than the products he had spoken about over the last five week.

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He emphasized that these products had been targeted at entrepreneurs who were interested in the tourism industry but who, because of the limited cash available to them, require a low cost entry point to the industry.


He said that, it is his hope that compliments of these articles, young people would realize that with focus and creativity it is possible to make money from tourism, outside of conventional employment, even with very little capital. They should also be aware that with time, they could earn the income required to offer other products and enhance the overall income available to them from tourism.

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