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The man Sisi Quadri: Yoruba actor popular for his caustic tongue




Popular Yoruba actor, Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji, better known as Sisi Quadri, has died at the age of 44.

His death was announced on Friday by some of his colleagues in the Yoruba movie industry.

Actress Regina Chukwu, who trained under the tutelage of Sisi Quadri, commiserated with his family.
“Most people don’t know but yes, I trained under him as a make-up artist on set for years,” she said.

He became popular with his role in the movie “Seniyan Seranko,” which was released on December 4, 2004.


Speaking on his career with The PUNCH, last year, the funny actor said he concluded his primary and secondary education in Ore, Ondo State after which he met with his dad’s elder brother who took him to his lecturer, Toyin Olaiya (Alaga council) who introduced him into acting.


“I proceeded to learn cloth design for four years which I concluded in 1999. My passion for education prompted me to further my education at The Polytechnic Iree.

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“Afterwards, in 2000 my dad’s elder brother introduced me to my lecturer and mentor, Toyin Olaiya (Alaga council) who brought me into acting. When the late Hameeda Shakeem first saw me, she was so interested in me that she made me become a part of their team of actors.


“After this, I was introduced to makeup and relocated to Lagos where I met many celebrities. That’s how God favoured me and my journey to stardom began. My dad’s mission was for me to be a popular Muslim cleric but I achieved it in another way,” he added.


Continuing, Oyebamiji stressed, “I usually did an extra in movies, acting one or two scenes before I featured in the movie, ‘Seranko Seniyan’ released on December 4, 2004. With the advent of social media, I began skit-making with my friend, Funmi Awelewa before we put together a movie from the skits titled, ‘Ebudola.’”

On how he became popular for insulting people in movie scenes, the late actor opined that it is an inborn talent.

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“It’s a God-given and inborn talent. However, I learnt how to insult people in a joking way through my dad and mum. My dad would never beat his children but the words he would say could make one rethink one’s decision; when my dad talks, you would think he is on a movie set.


“The way I act in movies is the way I behave normally; I had to tone down my excesses when I became known. Sometimes I shoot skits from the words I say jokingly or when I’m just being funky with friends.”

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Why Junior Pope refused to wear life jacket – Movie producer Adanma Luke





Adanma Luke, the producer of the ill-fated movie, who had been silent since the day of the accident, in a series of videos on her Instagram page narrated her side of the story, claiming that the late Pope was offered a life jacket, but he rejected it because it was dirty.

She also revealed that she was supposed to be on the boat that capsized.

Luke further revealed that she couldn’t speak because she felt it was all a dream and hoping to be awakened from it. She added that she had been making efforts to recover the other bodies from the river and transporting them to their families to be laid to rest.


She said, “So, on that day, while I was getting ready to go drop the memory card with the crew on set, I was accompanied by my brother’s children. We were all supposed to be on that boat together. I was supposed to be on that boat.

“My production manager was calling me to bring the memory card, so they could start filming, and I told him to come and collect it. But, he insisted that I should bring it to them.

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“When I got there and I saw Emeka, my DOP, sitting quietly with people surrounding him, I started shouting, ‘What is happening? Somebody talk to me’. Emeka then said, ‘JP, Abigail, Friday, and Precious are gone. I did not understand.

“My director was saying that he didn’t know what happened. He and the DOP wore life jackets. There was still one life jacket available; I don’t know who had it.

“But, my PM said that day, they saw life jackets there and took them. He even told the late Friday to send one to Junior Pope, but Junior Pope said it was dirty, so, he didn’t take it.


“The people who wore life jackets survived. They also told me that when they were in the water trying to survive, Junior Pope was also there, asking if everybody was okay. They even threw a gallon to him to hold onto, which he did. But, all of a sudden, they did not see him again.”

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Breaking into tears, Luke added that she considered the people who lost their lives in the unfortunate boat mishap to be her family, and they usually came all the way to Lagos to shoot with her.


She said, “This was my first time of working with JP. He and his wife are my friends. I talked to the wife sometime, and that was when she said, ‘Why aren’t you giving my husband work’? JP also said, ‘Ada, you are my friend, why don’t you call me for jobs’?


“I told JP he mainly acts action films, and I hardly produce that. He then said he also acts in love films too.”


Luke added that she was traumatised that the accident happened on the journey from her set.


“I have been so traumatised. I have been so cold. This whole thing still feels like a dream to me. It is so sad that this happened on my set. I blame myself; that I would have been in Lagos doing my thing. I blame myself for coming down to Asaba.

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“I still can’t believe this. Those crew members were my family. They have been working with me. If I am working in Lagos, they would come from Asaba to join me.”


Meanwhile, the Anambra Police Command announced that they had arrested the two operators aboard the ill-fated boat.

The state police spokesman, Tochukwu Ikenga, disclosed this to one of our correspondents on Saturday.


He stated that the boat operators were in police custody, adding that the producer of the movie, Adanma Luke, had voluntarily made herself available to the police.

He further revealed that other members of the cast and crew of the movie would be invited for questioning.


Ikenga said, “Yes, the boat operators have been arrested. Even the producer of the movie, Adanma Luke’s statement was taken and interrogation is ongoing.

“Other members of the cast and crew of the movie would be invited for questioning.”


He added that nothing would be swept under the carpet as regards the investigation of the accident.

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Junior Pope: A\Ibom Gov Eno visits, consoles family of late Nollywood makeup artist





Umo Eno, governor of Akwa Ibom State,  has paid a condolence visit to the family of the late Nollywood makeup artist, Abigail Edith Frederick, in Ikot Udoma, Eket Local Government Area of the state.


According to a statement by Ekerete Udoh, the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Eno, on arrival from an official engagement in Abuja, went straight to the deceased family’s compound to console them.


The statement noted that the governor thereafter gave automatic employment in the Akwa Ibom State Civil Service to the surviving elder sister of the deceased, and directed the SSA on Humanitarian Services, Umo Ekpo, to renovate the family house and bring it to modern standards.

The governor also gave assurance of government’s assistance to the two sisters of the deceased, who are undergraduates at the University of Uyo and whose education was being sponsored by the late Nollywood makeup artist.


The governor, in his remark, said: “This is deeply unfortunate for a young girl, 24 years old, who finished her youth service just last year and decided to pursue her passion. This is a reflection of our Arise spirit. It shows that our young people are willing to go out there, not begging, not waiting for handouts, but to pursue their passions.

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“It is unfortunate that her life ended the way it did. Once I was fully briefed, I decided to come here personally with the full complement of the government to console and encourage the family. You are not just the governor when people are celebrating; in times and moments like this, you become the mourner-in-chief and give them hope.


“I trust the Holy Spirit will perfect the hope in their lives. Coming here means we care. You know Akwa Ibomites are like Americans. We don’t leave each other behind. Government will be with the family and support them.”


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Junior Pope: How ritual I performed before boarding boat saved my life – Survivor, TC





Actor Tochukwu Okafor, also known as TC Virus, a survivor of boat mishap which claimed the lives of of Nollywood actor, Junior Pope and three others, has revealed that he conducted a ritual to the water deities before boarding the ill-fated vessel.

TC Virus who is also a Nollywood actor and director, on an Instagram live session on Thursday, April 11, 2023, recounted his experience, noting that he and Junior Pope, along with their colleagues, were aboard the boat.


He described how he poured a carbonated beverage into the river before embarking on the journey, stating that it was a gesture of reverence towards the water spirits and a means to ward off mishap.

Furthermore, TC expressed his belief that the accident could have been prevented if the boat operator had tried to avoid colliding with another craft.

He stated, “Before entering the boat, I carried my…Junior Pope asked me wetin you dey do, I tell ham say I dey observe water people o. I no dey fit pass without sharing something. I don give them Fanta abeg I don’t want any bad thing to happen to me”.

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