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By Sola Ajisafe, Esq

” Aponle o si fun Oba ti ko ni Olori” – (Yoruba proverb populaised by Miliki master, Chief Ebenezer Obey).

There have been arguments that the Nigerian Constitution never provided for the place of a First Lady in anyway. It had equally been argued that aside from being a constitutional aberration, it was seen as a way to eat into our commonwealth by the occupiers of our seat of powers.


Honestly, I do not know when it started but I am aware that even under the parliamentary democracy and so soon after, under the jackboots, spouses of our Chief Executives played vital roles in the administration of government and government business in Nigeria. Even if it’s from the “Ooza room”. Victa icta (whichever way), they add value by providing stability to the system.

This does not in anyway presurppose it’s constitutionality or neither did it make it a wrong. It had become a convention. Under our laws, conventions are aptly recognized.

In our system, we have seen Chief Executives who kept their wives out of the political radar. One of such was, Pa Adekumle Ajasin of old Ondo State, Chief Bola Ige of old Oyo State, Chief Bisi Akande of Osun State and of recent Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State. There are many others too. It’s a personal decision. For instance, if I become the Governor or President today, my wife will remain in her post as Mrs Ajisafe and her duty as a trained nurse. It’s that simple.

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Contrarywise, our Ondo State under Chief Ade Adefarati gave some leverage to his wife. This position was taken to a higher level with the coming of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko whose wife emplaced the Gbebiro ( Keep the Family intact) programme and further up the ante, our own Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu ( Digital Mama).

More than anyone, Betty Akeredolu bested everyone with her many iconic ideas and efforts to assisting her husband and our people one way or the other. Take for instance BEMORE, BRECAN, FOWOSO, and all her legislative activities for the women and the girl child in Ondo State. It had never been that good or loud.

Whatever anyone may wish to say, there were high points for the Akeredolu administration and the people of Ondo State particularly the families that benefitted from it. In this wise, Lucky as Akeredolu’s successor must ensure that some of these important programmes do not die or get extinguished at the exit from government of the Akeredolus. At least, he had made promises to that extent about Aketi’s legacies. He may not be able to carry all those programes but the one like BEMORE and FOWOSO must be sustained. The best perons to do it is Mrs Oluwaseun Ayedatiwa.

Aside from the fact of balancing of the home front and consistent maintanance of the emotional and mental health of our Governor, the presence of his wife would provide a soothing balm to him when he needs it. Our Governor is still very young, smart, able and agile. He needs all the support and encouragement. Everyone needs it.

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It is almost two months since our new mint Governor, Hon. Lucky Orimisan Ayedatiwa was sworn in as the Governor of our State, yet no one has set eyes on his wife. Curiously, when he was made the Deputy Governor and on the occasion of the much talked about Aketi prophesy, she was delectable beside her husband and regal in her gait.

Some minders of the Governor had said at various times that she was in Lagos and that she is in ” her husband’s house”. Yet there are others who believed the innocent woman is barred from coming near the seat of power for obvious reasons by her husband. Others are even of the view that the woman is afraid of coming near her husband at Alagbaka due to a history of unbelievable cruelty against her by her husband. This was made known sometime last year. Both parties denied it. However, the extremely beautiful woman with so much promise has not been seen near her hubby for a long time. What is the issue? We need an answer because we deserve one.

This culture of ” old age bachelor” life is not what our Governor needs at this crucial time. Our Governor needs both physical, mental and emotional balance in Alagbaka.

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I hate to say this, but it is the truth, if it is a fear of the unknown that is making the beautiful wife of our Governor to stay abroad very far away from his spouse at the seat of power in Alagbaka, women groups and the people need to assuage her fears. That she is safe because she is now the mother of the State. No be by age but na favour she get from Baba God.

Also, if it is a form of punishment by her husband for any act that may have brought him to opprobrium at any point in time, I join every man of good faith to plead for forgiveness for the ” Mother of the State”. To err is human but to forgive is divine.

I strongly feel that for the physical health, safety and emotional balance of our Governor in the few months remaining for him in Alagbaka, it is important that his wife must return to take good care of him and to provide the motherly cover for the rest of us as our First Lady.

This is an iredissible minimum that we demand from our Governor. It’s nothing too hard to achieve.

Simply, where is Mrs Ayedatiwa?



Desperate Aiyedatiwa bares fangs inside Govt House chapel





  • Appoints Self General Overseer
    Installs Indian Marabouts As Clergymen
    Stops Pastors from Wearing Cassocks

Nebuchadnezzar, infamous figure immortalized in the Bible, commands recognition as the Babylonian monarch whose relentless conquests laid waste to the temple of Jerusalem, seizing its sacred relics as spoils of war.

Nebuchadnezzar dreams of a great tree that shelters the whole world. But an angelic “watcher” appears and decrees that the tree must be cut down and that for seven years, he will have his human mind taken away and will eat grass like an ox.


The holy Bible generously describes and expounds a Chapel or Temple as the hallowed sanctuary of the Almighty. It is reserved for the reverential observance of sacred rites and solemn covenants deemed too divine for mundane settings. In all Chapels or Temples all over the world, these consecrated edifices are sanctuaries apart, shielded from the profane clamor of the secular world.


But an archetype of Nebuchadnezzar may have surreptitiously crept into Ondo without anyone noticing. While asking questions on what motivated the biblical Nebuchadnezzar to desecrate the holy Chapel or Temple of God, we are compelled to confront the actions of His Excellency (Hon.) Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa vis-à-vis the recent happenings inside the Government House Chapel.



In a bold and audacious move that is only comparable to that of Nebuchadnezzar, Governor Aiyedatiwa decreed that ordained priests, including Rev. Babalola of the Anglican Communion and Canon Enoch Adeleke of the Methodist Church, discard their traditional vestments, known as Casoc, in favor of resplendent native attire—Agbada & Sokoto—during sacred ceremonies.


This sweeping directive challenges the entrenched doctrines upheld by Orthodox Churches, igniting a maelstrom of doubt and apprehension. Many ponder whether this decree signals a bid to sideline and subjugate Christians within the precincts of the Ondo State Government House, potentially paving the way for the infiltration of unfamiliar beliefs.


It is important to note that the Government House Chapel predates Governor Aiyedatiwa’s tenure. It is equally worthy of note to state that none of his predecessor, be it an Executive Governor or Military Administrator, had dared to enact such a seismic shift from the norm.


The questions presently agitating the minds of Christians within and outside Ondo state is if the Governor would have dared to wield such authority within a Mosque?

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In response to this seismic upheaval, Christians across Ondo State and beyond are implored to maintain vigilance. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) must rise up against what is perceived as a grievous affront to the tenets of Christianity.


Adding to the intrigue, Aiyedatiwa proclaimed one fateful morning that he had been anointed by God to assume the mantle of General Overseer (GO) of the chapel. His subsequent participation in conducting last week’s Sunday service casts doubt upon his jurisdiction in matters of faith, casting a pall of uncertainty over Orthodox Churches.


But beyond this, the governor is said to have imported some strange-looking Marabouts to form part of the. An inside source disclosed that the men were indeed imported from India as part of a larger team of prayer warriors ahead of the governorship primary election of the All Progressives Congress.


An elder in the chapel, who pleaded not to be named, said the governor has become paranoid about how church matters are are run in the chapel.

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“It is surprising what is driving the governor recently. He is carrying out changes that are aliens to the order of service in the chapel. Recently, some strange people were brought into the chapel. Some people said they were part of of his prayer warriors. It was later that we gathered that they were from India. We have never seen anything like this before,” the elder said.


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Ondo 2024: Aiyedatiwa gets desperate, dangles Port Ondo contract before prominent Yoruba monarch for presidency support





  • Promise of 25% equity stake
    Desperate to meet Tinubu and Southwest governors for support.
    Top Ondo Obas frowns at the idea

Ondo State governor, Lucky Ayedatiwa has become hyper desperate ahead of the the governorship primaries of the All Progressives Congress ( APC) in April.

Inside sources have revealed that the governor, as part of his desperate search for the party’s ticket, has made the contract for the construction of Port Ondo as a bargaining chip to the Oni of Ife, his Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, to help secure the support of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR and the South West Governors.


The deal, according to impeccable sources, was brokered by the two prominent Yoruba politicians (names withheld) who had stood with Ayedatiwa in his recent political battle against his former boss and benefactor, late Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, CON.


Reports have it that, Aiyedatiwa became desperate after several failed attempts to get the President’s attention over his ambition. He reportedly ran to a former governor of Ondo State, who according to information, has become his godfather and Chief Strategist.

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The former governor was said to have secured the assistance of an Osun State-born former Secretary of the APC. At the meeting, which was held at the private quarters of the Oni of Ife, he was asked to provide an opportunity for Aiyedatiwa to meet President Tinubu and the governors of the South West.


Among the issues discussed at the meeting was how to overlook Aiyedatiwa’s alleged ‘sins’ to Akeredolu, during and after his death.


However, as at the time of filing this report, some prominent monarchs in Ondo State are said to have gotten wind of the plan and are said to be spoiling for a fight.


A source, who did not want to be metioned, said the action of the governor is already causing a lot of anger and bad blood among the monarchs in the Sunshine State.

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By Sola Ajisafe, Esq

” The worth of a man is not in the vastness of his estate or the fatness of his vault but in the totality of his character and serenity of his inner being” – Anonymous


Last week, I called out our Governor about the whereabouts of his wife, our First Lady and why the “Oza room” had been empty. Nothing of note came out from him or his aides that tends to answer the relevant question. This is a common practice in the media orgy coupled together currently around the Governor. They will “leave ete to be treating lapalapa”.


Just like the ridiculous Press Statement about the clownish violence perpetrated on his other contestants during the President’s visit or the anti- Aketi executive poorly put together by Lucky. Wetin be my own? Today, my attention is to ask Mr. Governor ” Where is your Aketi beard?


The disappearance of Lucky’s beards is a significant pointer to how fake, unreliable and fluid our Governor is as a person. The open celebration and association with Aketi arch enemies, betrayers and discredited individuals in his newly inaugurated Executive is a pointer to what to expect in that government. Aside from a few individuals, that teal lack character and content. Anyway, (10) months no be anybody’s friend. E no dey play o.


Mr. Governor, it was not news that on your return from your long Abuja trip with your “Abuja activists”, the first thing Ondo State people noticed was that you have changed your looks and the Aketi beard had disappeared. If there was anything to point to the fact that the romance between you and your boss had ended, it was that change of personality. When on the day you addressed a press conference asking for forgiveness it was clear that you were playing with our intelligence as a people.



I know as of a fact that in Nigeria of today, everything is cruise, just like most politicians in Nigeria are petty traders. They lack originality, political ideology and are bereft of sound intellectual understanding of what it means to be politically straightforward and upright. They are duplicious in their actions and profoundly vague in their thoughts. They are not better than Aba/Onitsha or China ( Chinco) products usually referred to as ” baruf” (fake) during our secondary school days.

When the going was good

I said Nigerian politicians are cruise chasers. The current vogue of wearing Awo or Afenifere cap remains a valid example. At a point in time, every manner of persons adopted it as their passport to enter the progressive palour. As they come in many colours and shapes so are the baboon elements and their virtues. They only take to mind the shapes and the embossed scollopings. They do not come an inch close to what it represents. Many of them and the ” alright sir boys” around Alagbaka government house/office have the same mental attributes except that one give alms while the other takes. All na same.


Just like the Awo cap, some elements within the Akeredolu government picked up the tendency of wearing beards immediately Aketi came on board in 2017. Not long after some of them could not maintain the discipline and tenacity that came with having the Fidel Castro or Che Guevara beard. That was what Aketi carried as far back as his days in the University or shortly thereafter. Time and age enveloped it and turned it to a Father Christmas on him.



Our Governor, Hon. Lucky Ayedatiwa was one of those that started the culture of wearing beards like Aketi. He was helped by time and age so he does not have to add anything to make it white. Yet, “abinibi” is quite different from “ability”. While Aketi’s beard was custom made, those of the copy cats were as fake as the products of “Yaba Apa Otun, Katangua or Oshodi under bridge”where tokunbo clothes and materials are sold.

With Aketi’s beards
The story here is not just about wearing a beard to look like your boss. I used to pity these imitators in those early days of the Aketi government. They do not carry those beards because it fits them or that they were comfortable. They carried it to show off their loyalty. I have seen people move from one politically exposed person and one party to another wearing the badge of their loyalty like an insignia of office only to take to flight immediately something happened. I have heard people tell me ” I will read Aketi like a book for eight (8) years, only to take to flight having realized that the man is nearing his end. They divulged his medical history to his ” ota-friends” and ” ore-nemies”.


For instance, who would believe that Hon. Lucky Ayedatiwa will so soon return almost clean shaven from his haitus in Abuja without the ” emergency beards” that he wore so much and faithfully when he was stalking Aketi and his family to get political relevance. Immediately he got what he wanted and he learnt from the snitches who report every action of Aketi to him he “dis-beard” himself from Aketi and became the Lucky of the emergency activists both in Abuja and in Ondo State.



For me, loyalty is not something to be worn like a badge or rendered like a song. Loyalty does not mean you cannot quarrel or disagree on principle. It also does not mean you should be a slave. However, loyalty means “one for all, all for one”. When it’s comfortable or not comfortable.


Every leader and influential person must learn something from the life and times of Aketi. Human beings love what they can get from you. They do not care about you so soon you are no longer useful to them or you no longer posses the capacity to do things for them.


I call on everyone that still has a dint of humanity in them and felt a hunch for Aketi and decided to stay with him during his trying period and are been persecuted to know that a new dawn is in the offing. And for those who benefitted from Aketi but contributed towards his death by their actions and deeds or are determined to destroy his legacy or are willing to forget the good old days to note that Karma is a bitch and so unforgiven. Just take note of my words.

The disappearance of Lucky’s “Aketi beard” was too sudden. It showed there was no altruism in it in the first place.


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